Healthy Hair is Beautiful Hair

Does the nutritional balance in your body support healthy hair? Inside balance can yield beautiful hair that we all want.

Healthy hair requires protein, trace minerals and good circulation to the scalp. Minerals are known to improve the general health of the hair and aid hair growth. Hair loss or baldness may be caused by hormonal imbalances such as low thyroid, lack of protein, (or difficulty in digesting and assimilating protein), in the diet. Stress can cause hair to thin. Circulation is important as it distributes proteins and nutrients to hair cells.


Nutritional needs are different for each individual. Each body requires different levels of proteins and minerals. The root of the hair strand is fed nutrients through the circulation process.


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We feature some of the finest hair products on the market today. Our products were created to make your hair both healthy and beautiful. The Barry Fletcher line includes a product for every hair type and style. You can find the product here to accomplish the style and look that you wish to have. Please search our Products Page and find the hair product that's best for you.

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How to Choose a Hair Product that's Best for You!

Barry Fletcher Products are a unique blend of herbal conditioners, vitamins, natural humectants, protein, and anti-oxidants designed to restore the hair's list and luster. This line of "Moisture Therapy" products will nourish the hair with protein and pure biological extracts.

Choose your hair needs from this product line-up to achieve the results you desire.

  • LIQUID MOISTURE HAIR AND BODY OIL - is an all natural light oil with a very sensual appeal. It is an external vitamin composed of vitamin B, protein oil and jojoba oil with an alluring fragrance.
  • LOC SET-SERUM - start your locs, set or twist hair, adds shine, protection for curling, pressing, and flat iron styling. Apply to ends to help eliminate frizz. Evenly distribute throughout wet or dry hair at the root area. Use a comb or palm-to-palm technique; place under the dryer for twenty to thirty minutes. Experience the high gloss on natural or relaxed hair. Towel blot excess amount from scalp.
  • GLO-N-GROW LIGHT POMADE HAIRDRESS - is a vitamin-enriched hair treatment that moistens the scalp to promote hair growth. It gives protection and super shine for hot curling, pressing and blow drying. Use on Natural and Relaxed hair.
  • COOL GLO-N-GROW LIGHT POMADE HAIRDRESS - This vitamin-enriched hair treatment moistens the scalp. Promoting hair growth, it gives protection and super shine and helps eliminate dry, itchy, and flaky scalp.
  • TWIST LIKE THIS HERBAL PUTTY - is a multi-purpose styling putty, gives a firm hold glossy finish. For natural hair styling twist, locs, braids and texturizers.
  • INSTANT MOISTURE SPRAY - Enjoy the invigorating fragrance of this fresh moisturizing conditioning spray, featuring a new peppermint anti-itch formula. Spray on wet or dry hair, saturate the entire head of hair; detangles, moisturizes, conditions and eliminates frizz on natural and texturized hair. For braids, weaves, and locs, spray directly on scalp to soothe itching
  • ROOT THERAPY - is a conditioning treatment that allows you to feel the power of healthy hair at the roots. Feel the tingle as Root Therapy stimulates the scalp, draws nutrients to the roots and energizes hair growth. Natural blends of botanical ingredients are applied through a squeeze drop application. By massaging the product into the scalp once a day, it increases micro-circulation while enhancing thickness and growth of the hair.
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